Michael Haneke

Haneke in 2009 Michael Haneke (; born 23 March 1942) is an Austrian film director and screenwriter. His work often examines social issues and depicts the feelings of estrangement experienced by individuals in modern society. Haneke has made films in French, German, and English and has worked in television and theatre, as well as cinema. He also teaches film direction at the Film Academy Vienna.

Haneke is known for his "glaciation" trilogy, consisting of ''The Seventh Continent'' (1989), ''Benny's Video'' (1992), and ''71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance'' (1994), each of which depict a "coldly bureaucratic society in which genuine human relationships have been supplanted by a deep-seated collective malaise" and explore "the relationship among consumerism, violence, mass media, and contemporary alienation". He has since won the Cannes Film Festival's Grand Prix for ''The Piano Teacher'' (2001) as well as its twice for ''The White Ribbon'' (2009), and ''Amour'' (2012), the latter of which received five Academy Award nominations and won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. He is also known for directing ''Funny Games'' (1997), ''Code Unknown'' (2000), ''Caché'' (2005), and ''Happy End'' (2017). Provided by Wikipedia
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    Person: Haneke, Michael (Author)
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    Person: Haneke, Michael (Author)
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    Person: Haneke, Michael (Author)
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