In the catalog of the Elfriede Jelinek Research Center, all library and archive holdings of the Center can be searched in printed and digital form. You can choose between a simple search, an advanced search and browsing in specific areas of Jelinek's work or its reception.

The simple search allows you to search in an input field in which you can either search for all areas or specifically for persons (and their roles), institutions, titles, topics and signatures. Three input fields are initially available for the advanced search, but it is possible to add or remove search fields. In this way, different search parameters can be combined with each other. In addition to the searchable categories of the simple search, you can also search for specific locations and publishers. It is possible to "browse" in the genres of Jelinek's work (e.g. poetry, novels, short prose, theater texts, essayistic texts, etc.), but also in areas such as "interviews", "secondary literature", "reporting", "radio broadcasts", "television broadcasts", "readings" and "productions" as well as according to the respective data carrier types.

The results of the search are displayed in the middle column. The signature display provides information on where the resource is located in the archive. In addition, with all search options - i.e. simple and advanced search as well as browsing - it is possible to narrow down the search results using specific filters, for example according to specific areas of work and reception, data carrier types, media types, languages and publication periods. These filters are displayed in the left-hand column or in the advanced search below the search fields. The filters can also be removed at any time by clicking on the gray "Reset filter" field.