SCH or Sch may refer to: * A Scholar of Trinity College, Dublin * Sch (trigraph), the German letter for 'sh' as in 'fish' * Schizophrenia, a psychiatric diagnosis * SCH Synchronization Channel, a GSM Um radio interface channel * Schutzhund, a dog sport * Schedule, in systems of pipe sizes * Succinylcholine, a neuromuscular blocking drug * Sch. (Scheinergrade aka Degree Scheiner), an obsolete scale for measuring film speeds established by Julius Scheiner * .sch (file extension), used for circuit diagram files by several design automation programs * .sch, a second-level domain * Sub-Conjunctival hemorrhage Provided by Wikipedia
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    Person: Sch. (Author)
    Publication data: Österreich
    Call number: Allg-80er/Event
  2. 2
    Person: e.sch. (Author)
    Publication data: Österreich, 1981
    Published in: Neue Zeit, 12.4.1981.
    Call number: The-I/Cl-2
  3. 3
    Person: I. Sch. (Author)
    Publication data: Deutschland (BRD)
    Published in: Die Neue Ärztliche, 18.2.1987.
    Call number: The-I/Kr-3
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