Die Krupps

Die Krupps performing in 2018 Die Krupps () ("The Krupps") is a German industrial metal/EBM band, formed in 1980 by Jürgen Engler and Bernward Malaka in Düsseldorf.

The band has had a diverse range of musical influences over time, including the percussive industrial ''Stahlwerksynfonie'' (1981) then to a more synth-pop styled ''Volle Kraft voraus!'' (1982) and ''Entering the Arena'' (1985), with the latter album featuring their first English-language material. The band later established itself as an industrial metal band, releasing four albums predominantly in this genre, from 1992 to 1997 with each labelled 1 to 4. The band has released additional albums since 1997, including the predominantly electro-industrial ''Als wären wir für immer'' (2010) and ''The Machinists of Joy'' (2013), before revisiting the metal sound they had pursued in the 90s with ''V – Metal Machine Music''. Provided by Wikipedia
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    Person: Engler, Jürgen (Author)
    Publication data: Deutschland (BRD)
    Published in: Neue deutsche Literaturzeitschrift für deutschsprachige Literatur 6/2000, S. 158-160.
    Call number: Rom-III/Gi-2
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