Olga Neuwirth

Olga Neuwirth in 2002 Olga Neuwirth (born 4 August 1968 in Graz) is an Austrian contemporary classical composer, visual artist and author. She gained fame mainly through her operas and music theater works, which often deal with topical and decidedly political themes of identity, violence and intolerance. Provided by Wikipedia
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    Publication data: Deutschland : arte edition, 2019
    Call number: DVD-228
    Video DVD
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    Person: Jelinek, Elfriede (Author)
    Call number: ON-I/LH-Lib
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    Person: Zoglauer, Franz (Author)
    Publication data: Österreich
    Published in: Parnaß Sonderheft 15 (1999), S. 132-136.
    Call number: ON-II/Bäh-I
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